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The Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter

contour_ts_meterOffering the simplicity you need and the accuracy you require; all in one meter. No more coding as along with other Bayer Meters comes the No Coding technology to make life easier for all Contour TS users… [Read More]


Bayer Breeze 2  Meter

lo_breeze2_meterAmazingly you can take 10 tests in one load with the 10-test disc technology. No coding is required and has the capability of AST (alternate site testing). The Breeze 2 Meter holds up to 420 tests in memory with an extra large easy to read display and easy to function, large… [Read More]


The Bayer Contour Glucose Meter

contour_colors_vertical_slantcomes with an auto-code feature the moment you place a new strip in the slot. This is the convenience of not coding for each new bottle of test strips. There is an under-fill… [Read More]


What makes the Contour USB Glucose Meter so different?

ascensia-contour-usb-meter-kit-box_lFor one is its USB port, a small connecting device for linking to a computer or laptop without a cord. What is really unique about this device, its a USB … [Read More]